Test Prep

ACT/SAT Summer Prep Camp

The ACT and SAT align so closely in content and style Academic Journeys is now offering a combined summer camp for college admissions testing.  The camp will meet for one week.  The class will cover content and strategy.  This course is designed for those who have not taken the ACT or SAT and are just beginning to prepare college admissions testing.  Unique to our week long camp is the personal plan each student will create at the end of the class - including which test is best for you!  It is ideal for rising 10th and 11th graders!


ACT/SAT Test Prep Courses

Our full length summer course is ideal for those students planning to take either the ACT or SAT this June.  Our course covers content (grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary in context, algebra, geometry, numbers and operations, technical reading, data analysis) and skills (guessing, managing time, reducing calculator dependence).  





ACT/SAT Intensives

Intensives are designed for students who have completed test prep, are planning to take the SAT or ACT an additional time and want to maximize their score.  Similar to focused practice and training before a concert or a game, Intensives focus students on the full length test during the first session, followed by a review of their results in small group guided by an experienced tutor/coach during the second session.  


ACT/SAT Private Tutoring

Academic Journeys offers on-demand private instruction for the ACT and SAT.  Whether it is for a particular focus or ease of schedule our tutors specialize in highly personalized study plan.  

Our Individualized approach allows each ACT/SAT tutor to address your child's individual learning needs, ensuring they receive undivided attention, leading to greater lesson engagement and a higher degree of accountability.