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Test Prep and College Admissions


Admissions test require students to apply skills in logic, reading, vocabulary and writing in a more holistic way than experienced in the classroom.  Summer is the time to figure out where the test taking and knowledge gaps are and fill them in.

SAT Intensive for the August 29 test or ACT intensive for July 18 or the September 12 test                                              Intensives are designed for students who have completed test prep and are planning to take the SAT or ACT an additional time and want to maximize their score.  Similar to focused practice and training before a concert or a game, Intensives focus students on areas they can see maximum gain.  Four full length Actual Conditions tests,  tutor review and homework drills are key elements of the program.


ACT/SAT Foundations                                                                                          Grades 8 -11

The ACT and SAT align so closely in content and style that Academic Journeys designed a combined summer camp for college admissions testing.  The one week camp covers content and strategy.  Designed for those who have not taken the ACT or the SAT and are just beginning to prepare for college admissions testing.  Unique to our bootcamp is the personal plan each student will create at the end of the class – including which test is best for the student! The week long session runs from 9:30am - 2:30pm. Classes run late July and August.

Everything But the Essay                                                                                     Grades 9, 10 & 11

The College Admissions process is changing!  High school students will learn about colleges, universities, majors and activities.  A self-assessment is given to help guide students to the right type of college for them and an initial list is created.  We explore what college admissions professionals look for in candidates and create a personal plan to showcase the student.  The Common App, Naviance and the Coalition for College Access App are covered and students will open their ‘locker’.  Classes have a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 10. On-Demand program scheduling is available.  Do you have a group of 3 or more students who want to take the program but need a different schedule?  Just ask!


Essays and Applications                                                                                       Grade 12

Rising seniors have a lot to do this summer and we are here to help!  We start with a Family Meeting to brainstorm on the essays and rank the list by interest as well Reach, Target and Safety schools.  Students then plan their admissions approach and open their Common App and Coalition for College Access App.  Naviance is updated and maintained. Drafting all the essays comes next and finalizing the application dates and plans wrap up the summer.

This program is delivered via one-to-one coaching and typically 5 hour long sessions are needed in addition to the Family Meeting.

The freshman experience...BEFORE College starts

There is so much to navigate once your student's freshman year starts - that students miss some important details.  Student's can benefit by investing a bit of time before they go!

Curriculum Holes, Knowledge Gaps and more

One-size-fits-all study skills classes are a summer staple; but not at Academic Journeys! Our Curriculum Holes and Knowledge Gaps programs makes sure a student understands themselves and all the tools that exist to make their pursuit of education and knowledge efficient and engaging. Before the work begins students will take an assessment of how they learn which might be followed by a Family Meeting to review the information. The first session students will be guided to review the last year’s transcripts and to make plans and set goals for the coming year. The rest of the sessions are focused on how learning happens and the tools that really work!  On-Demand program scheduling is available.


Storytelling using data representation and data visualization

Knowing how to use data to tell a story is a new skill every student will soon need to know.  Using topics with large data sets (soccer, currency) students will learn to gather data, interpret the data to find the story, and then visually tell the story.


Using PBL (Project Based Learning)

PBL is an up-and-coming methodology that requires critical thinking and reasoning skills to solve a problem, answer a complex question or research a topic of personal interest.


Grammar and Reading

Using the summer to master grammar, punctuation and communication skills is truly a one-and-done investment.


Vocabulary building and Reading.

We try to make it fun! Learning root words, synonym, antonyms, homonyms, and homophones … oh my! A strong vocabulary makes writing so much easier!


Study/Learning skills and Reading

Hates Math. Slow Reader. Not Organized. Horrible Test Taker. These are the words parents use to describe their students during the school year. But what are their strengths? Discover how to use the strength to support the skill that isn’t as strong.



Algebra 2 and Chemistry, the one - two punch!

Many juniors will have both Algebra 2 and Chemistry this academic year and for some it will be a rocky start. Since these students were in geometry last year and chemistry relies on more algebraic concepts having both Algebra 2 and Chemistry at the same time will require significant focus and work.

At Academic Journeys we know that by starting in August and continuing through the first marking period, juniors working one-on-one with one of our tutors will start strong and stay strong through-out the junior year.


"Timelines of _____"  book series                                                 Grade 2  and up

Looking for something different this summer to get your kid's reading and writing?  Students will choose a topic they love whether its the Arts, Sports, Careers or Games!  They will research its history, reflect on what it is today and share what they think will be in the future and will end up writing a section of a book.  Students will learn researching skills, writing and infographics. Six sessions

How to get ahead and stay ahead.                                    Grades 8 and up

As the summer winds down students start to get ready for the new school year.  At Academic Journeys we provide students’ with practice guidance to make sure the year gets off to a good start and stays that way!  Offered in most high school subjects (Biology, Algebra, Pre-calc, History etc.) we start with a foundation knowledge assessment and coach the student to fill any gaps and then develop a plan for achieving and maintaining academic success.  Student should attempt to get the course text book and bring it to all sessions. This program is delivered via one-to-one coaching and typically 6 one hour long sessions are needed.

and Beyond...

"So Many Possibilities"guides both college students and post-grads on their own unique journey to finding their career and cultivating their growth as a professional.  Establishing Linkedin and Handshake profiles and how to network are covered.


Career Explorations

Our unique summer program gives students a glimpse of the possible careers that await them!  Students receive a guidebook so they can start to explore a future that will be uniquely theirs.