Private School Admission


Thinking about private school

for the 2022/23 academic year?


Private middle and high schools often require an admissions/entrance exam as part of their application process.  Some schools have their own exam while others use national tests like the SSAT (Secondary Schools Admissions Test) or the ISEE (Independent Schools Entrance Exam) . The individual schools website will tell you what exam they require. 

Preparing students for admissions tests has changed in recent years.  We know that content and requirements for admissions tests change.  We don’t simply repeat what we did last year, we work to understand results from prior years and evaluate any changes announced by testing companies.  Recent changes in the administrative rules for the ISEE is an example.  Since students may now take the ISEE once in a ‘testing season’ the traditional thinking about when to take the exam should change. 

Academic Journeys process of preparing for this test not only helps students achieve their personal best, but also gives them strategies for managing their own learning process. Taking responsibility for their own learning is a skill that will be used at school, college, and beyond.


For the last ten years we at Academic Journeys have had the pleasure of working with families as they consider private schools.  Let us help with your family’s Admissions Journey!