Reading Speed

Speed Reading

There is a difference!


As education theories have evolved in the last few decades two skills no longer get much classroom time: reading speed and automaticity in math. If these skills are strong, a student will rarely have trouble completing a timed test and homework time is reasonable. 


What is your child’s reading speed? How much math can they do without a calculator in their hand?


Reading speed, not the speed reading fads from the 1980's, is an important measure of a student's learning efficiency; in the classroom, during homework and on standardized tests.


College entrance exams need a reading speed of at least 200 wpm.  


What is your reading speed? Let's find out. 


I'm pleased to share with you a tool I have used for years is now available on-line. 

Click here to access the assessment which takes about 15 minutes.  Please follow the directions in the attached document.