Test Prep

PSAT scores in hand!  Now what?

With the release of the PSAT scores this week, students are now taxed with taking the next step in preparing and sitting for their college entrance exams.  The PSAT has always been viewed as an early indicator of how students will perform on the SAT.  What is new this year is that with the changes made last year to the SAT students now have a different answer to the question of which test to focus on, the SAT or on the ACT.  With the redesign in March 2016, the SAT changed to a curriculum based test.  With these changes the two tests became so similar that students no longer need to ­worry about which test is best for them! 


The counselors at Academic Journeys studied the results of the three actual sittings of the new SAT.  Our analysis led us to develop a new combined ACT/ SAT test prep curriculum.  Here is the process we at Academic Journeys expect most of our students to follow for admissions testing:

  • Start with an Actual Conditions Test.

  • Family meeting to review results and create a testing plan.

  • Begin prep ahead of the chosen test dates.

  • Take the ACT and the SAT.

  • Family meeting to review the results of both real tests and update the testing plan.


With your PSAT scores in hand you already have half the work done!  In meeting with our tutors, we will use your PSAT results in conjunction with an ACT evaluation test to create a SAT/ACT study plan that will allow you to take either or both tests.  The ability to prepare simultaneously for either test has many benefits for our students.

  • Better use of their test prep time.

  • Reduced stress about deciding which test to focus on.


ACT/SAT combined classes are forming now for the January SAT test and the February ACT test dates.  We also offer private tutoring options.  


Call the center at 973-564-5220 today to inquire!