What is Prelude?

Prelude identifies a student's academic and non-academic strength's as well as areas to focus.  Different than other assessments, we can explain both the 'what' and the 'why' with real-time actionable data for an individual student.

Why is Prelude needed?

Initially Prelude was conceived as "the things my tutors wished a student already had" when they came in for for test prep. ACT/SAT and ISEE/SSAT assessment products assume that students:

  • Know grammar

  • Have solid reading speed

  • Know math facts - automaticity

  • Have a solid vocabulary

None of these are directly taught in school! 

Your student is required to take a year end assessment but do you really know what your child's strength and weaknesses are? As you can see below the PARCC or even the Iowa test scores results are meant for the schools use, not the student and family.

So what does Prelude offer you and your student?

Prelude is a premier foundational program that is beyond "teaching to the test". It may be too early to formally prepare your child for those admissions tests, but not too early to advance those skills that make a difference in their school work today and will have enormous impact on their readiness for admissions test prep tomorrow. The report provides guidance on potential knowledge gaps, strength and weaknesses you, your student and your tutor can address. Students will find the skills learned in Prelude have long lasting relevance for middle school, high school, college and beyond.

Your student will be tested in their current grade or rising grade subject matter. What is assessed:

  • Reading speed

  • Vocabulary

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Automaticity in Math

  • Math and problem solving

  • Data, Geometry and measurement

Prelude results...what do they look like?

After completion of Prelude you will receive reports on grade level readiness in Reading and Math, a Reading Speed assessment and a Mindprint report.  All actionable data for you to work with. Below are three samples from our Prelude report.

Prelude Math Assessment Results (partial report)

Prelude Reading Assessment Results (partial report)

Reading Speed Assessment Report

It is NOT test-prep

  • The assessment is not a timed test. Students work at their own pace because we want to know what they know and we want to minimize anxiety.  We do not record how long a student spends on a section.

  • The report provides guidance on knowledge gaps

  • Tying student cognitive skills to academic gaps in real, practical day to day activities .... not just to a test

Give us a call to see how Prelude can help your child understand their academic and non academic individual learning style, their strength and weakness to build a confident foundation for a lifetime of learning.