My purpose in writing this Summer Series for Parents is to share ideas that will help re-engage students in learning. I believe we need to guide students back toward intellectual curiosity and away from the transactional learning style the pandemic forced on all of us, especially our students.




I am certain that the role the moon played in freeing the Ever Given from the Suez Canal back in March would have been discussed in every science class from grade 5 to 12 but pandemic teaching severely hampered teachers from engaging their students in critical thinking exercises. Kids missed the opportunity to be guided to the WOW moment when their learned knowledge of the moon and tides could be applied to a current event. Here is a link for more information in case you want to discuss it with your children.

This month another interesting event occurred that you might want to explore with your family; the Eye of Fire in the Gulf of Mexico.  There are so many elements to the event that can spark great family conversations. Here are a few:


  • Was the fire just on the surface? Or under-the-water too?

  • While the fireboats sprayed water on the surface nitrogen was used to flood the pipeline and stop the leak.

  • The fire was attributed to an underwater pipeline leak. The pipeline is owned by Pemex, Mexico’s state-run oil company which seems to have a history of major accidents at it’s facilities. Should/does the United Nations have a role to play (look at #51) when a country owns the entity and thus has no-one to answer to?

  • How do we think marine life was affected? I couldn’t find any reporting on that but looking into who lives in that part of the Gulf will allow for speculation.

Eye of Fire Memes

Some of the social media memes are conversation

starters themselves! This one reminds me of my Grandmother!