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Unlocking the Mysteries of How Your Child Learns

Unlocking the mysteries of how your child learns can open up a whole new dimension to their learning growth.  Have you ever wondered why they may struggle with word problems but process complex equations in their head?  Or maybe Language Arts homework takes them twice as long as Social Studies?


Working Memory.  Processing Speed.   Flexible Thinking.  These core skills are part of what educators call executive function.  Good executive function is essential to effective learning but, unless there are severe learning challenges, it is rarely assessed.  These skills are critical not only to academic success, but to fruitful interaction in the world.  Understanding executive function --and how it operates uniquely in every child-- provides a blueprint for parents and teachers, a foundation on which to build successful programming that creates more effective learners.


Academic Journeys in Millburn has partnered with Mindprint Learning and we are now offering their cognitive profile which identifies learning strengths and needs.  Students (ages 8 to 21) and their parents will receive a detailed learning profile covering 10 essential skills in four key areas that impact learning:  Speed, Executive Functions, Complex Reasoning and Memory.


Together these skills help a child plan, prioritize, strategize, switch tasks, and hold information; ultimately, they contribute to a child's ability to focus on material and achieve academic success. Educational researchers at Harvard make a point of noting that children "aren't born with these skills, but with the potential to develop them," and that establishing routines, playing creatively and developing strong relationships with others all help a child strengthen these faculties.


The computer based assessment is performed in the Center and the detailed report is available in about a week.  Combining the data from the assessment with a student's academic results and their current curriculum provides a powerful guide for creating effective study habits and to identify needed changes.