in partnership with Academic Journeys

Academic Journeys partner, Mindprint Learning, gives families insight about students’ reasoning, memory, speed and executive functioning skills, including attention.  A Mindprint evaluation gives families information about students’ learning strengths and needs, helping them to maximize their strengths while supporting weaknesses.  Take our Observation Checklist Identifying Learning Struggles to learn more about how Mindprint can help your student.

Mindprint is a valuable tool to help parents and students take a step back from the daily rituals of reading, writing and arithmetic. Set aside the stresses of studying and standardized testing so we can start to understand the process of learning.  Mindprint answers questions such as... 

  • How does my child process and remember new information?

  • Why does she get such good grades but bomb the standardized tests?

  • I don’t think he has learning issues, but how can he do better in school?

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have developed a data-driven tool to assess learning skills. The assessment was normed and validated across 10,000 children ages 8 to 21 through the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Your student can take this one-hour test at our Tutoring center. Using a series of online exercises, it measures ten core learning skills:

  • Speed: motor speed and processing speed

  • Executive functions: attention, flexible thinking, and working memory

  • Complex reasoning: visual reasoning, abstract reasoning, and spatial perceptions

  • Long-term memory: verbal memory and visual memory.

In less than one week after testing, experts at Mindprint Learning will review the data and formulate your student’s unique learning profile. You, your child and our Director, Maureen McGovern will meet at the center or hold a  conference call to review the report, which describes how these skills affect progress in the classroom. The Mindprint profile will be well matched to our customized, one-on-one learning approach. Our tutors will use your student’s profile to tailor each lesson for optimum learning results.