Academic Tutoring

I often ask high school students how their mid-term and final exam grades compare to their quarterly grades.  Most say the exam grades are lower than the quarterly grades. Why?


  1. Students aren’t organized and prepared on how to study or perhaps cram.

  2. Students know these exams may not be a significant part of their final grade in the course and thus have minimal impact on their GPA.  


What they don’t realize is knowing how to thoroughly prepare for mid-terms and finals is a skill that is essential in college where the entire course grade is often made up of only the mid-term and the final exam scores.


Academic Journeys “What’s Your Exam Plan” workshop provides students with the skills necessary to prepare for these cumulative exams.  Our 3 hour workshop helps students:

  • Gather material

  • Identify knowledge gaps

  • Create a study plan

Students will create a plan for at least two mid-terms during the workshop and leave with the skills to complete plans for all of their mid-terms.  

Workshops are offered at the following dates and times:

Mid-term Exams... Do you have a plan?