Test Prep

When striving for success on college applications, schoolwork, or the SAT/ACT, wisdom dictates that students and their families have a plan of attack. Perhaps the first go-to method in preparing for a test is the solo route: a student and a textbook, a few long hours of disciplined study, and hopefully some positive scores result. Additionally, the rise of online study tools has driven students even closer to the computer screen. But, since each student is both unique and complex—complete with particular strengths and weaknesses, goals, and learning styles—isn’t it prudent to consider if there’s a study method that better serves your child?

When measuring which method of study best suits your child’s needs, ask yourself a few questions:


  • Does your student have difficulty staying on task or maintaining focus?

  • Does he or she have a specific SAT score goal that’s just out of reach?

  • Does your child struggle with test-taking related anxiety?

  • Does he or she keep a hectic schedule that makes it difficult to pencil in fruitful study hours?

Some students are well-suited for self-study or solo online study—particularly those good at exercising self-discipline, self-assessment, organization, and who seldom require feedback. But, the vast majority of students need extra structure and motivation to be set up for success. With that in mind, what are the benefits related to small group tutoring sessions and one-on-one tutoring help?

The Benefits of Small Group Prep Classes and One-on-One Tutoring

In the case of small group prep courses, there are key advantages when compared to solo self-study. For instance, a small group dynamic encourages a broader range of questions, which unearths more learning opportunities for your child to understand and engage with the material. Furthermore, in a well-led small group study environment students are motivated by one another and work harder to meet the group’s common goal.

Now consider one-on-one tutoring. This method is not only ideal for students who need help in closing learning gaps, but also for high-achieving students looking for a much-needed edge when it comes to AP exams or applying to college. In either case, one-on-one tutoring fosters a bond that makes for a productive and open learning environment—one that’s seldom replicated online or in the traditional classroom setting.


At Academic Journeys, we provide a variety of settings to suit your student’s learning style—whatever his or her academic or college goals may be. From ACT/SAT test prep to doubling down on math and reading skills and more, our tutors are equipped with the expertise, experience, and resources necessary to build academic confidence in your child.


Whatever study style suits your student, there’s a program or tutor at Academic Journeys to help.