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Michael's demeanor has changed since he has worked on his reading with you.. you can physically see the difference, he is confident!! My husband and I are thrilled

I just wanted you to know Sydney got a 130 point jump on her SAT reading! 

She is really excited and we are thrilled!


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Year Round Services


Academic Journeys offers test prep through both private instruction or small group classes.


Academic Journeys offers programs to prepare for

both tests.

Academic Support 

We offer private instruction for individual subjects and study skills.  Our partnership with Mindprint allows us to help customize our support for every child.


We offer both

small group sessions and private counseling

Welcome to Academic Journeys

Academic Journeys is a leading test prep, academic tutoring and admissions counseling provider located in Millburn, New Jersey.  Our specialty is assessing where your student’s needs lie and bringing guidance to those needs with proper preparation in order to give them that added edge and confidence needed to achieve academic success.  We offer services ranging from test prep for private school and college admission, college essay guidance, subject matter tutoring, effective organizational and study practices and skill development such as fluency in writing, reading and mathematics.

What sets us apart

We employ tutors with the same care and concern they put into each student.  Our tutors craft a unique approach for each student they counsel. Academic Journeys' philosophy is the best tutor for your child is the one who understands your child’s needs and is willing to do what it takes to meet them.

Our Partners

Mindprint Learning's unique assessment tool provides us with a child’s individual learning profile which acts as a guide to help to ensure the right tutoring and/or coaching approach for each student.