So Many Possibilities!

Crafting the personal journey to finding a career and cultivating growth as a Professional. For College Students and post-grads this program provides a structured approach to navigate the College Career Center and early career platforms like Handshake, Purple Briefcase and LinkedIn. Developing a personal brand, resume, networking and interviewing skills are covered!

The Journey to College -Roadmap for High School Sophomores and

College Admissions professionals consider so much more than test scores when
evaluating applicants. Our carefully developed services provide a complete and clear
roadmap. It is not too soon to get started!

Learning Coaching 

Guiding students to understand and use their
strengths to support areas that are not as strong.Hates math. Slow reader. Not organized. Horrible test taker. These are the works parents use to describe their students. Our work with students aged 8 to 21 really makes a difference.

Are You Ready to be a College Student? – Tips for Navigating College.
There is so much to understand about the differences between high school and college
and this program provides direct and practical guidance to succeed and thrive in college.