College is one of the most important life decisions your child will ever make – and one of the biggest financial decisions for your family! Academic Journeys now offers a full-service College Office to assist families with their college admissions needs.  Our counselors use a coaching model that puts your child in the driver’s seat to navigate the complexities of college visits, applications, essays and more.

At many high schools, the guidance department just does not have the capacity to give your child the one-on-one time needed to make an informed and knowledgeable choice. Academic Journeys is known for taking an individual approach to each student. We empower your child to manage their own application timeline and search for schools that are a great fit for their academic and extracurricular interests.


Every student has a unique story. We help your child identify their unique strengths and talents and express that story in a way that admissions staff will hear. From small group classes to one-on-one coaching, we can work with your family to open doors for your child’s future.



Our Services:

  • College Process One-On-One Family Coaching

  • Essay Editing and Polishing

  • Small Group Classes

Important Information you will learn from our admissions counselors:

  • How to Get the Most Out of a College Tour

  • College Process for Student Athletes

  • Financial Aid Pointers

Everything but the Essay!

The college search shouldn’t be about the chase for that elusive school you’ve heard is
amazing, but about the school that is a true match for a student’s interests and
academic profile. Ideal for rising 10th,11th, and 12th graders, our program gives students the tools to explore their interests, rank their priorities, and learn how to make a match with a college that is the best fit.  The class will cover all the aspects of the process that students need to know and ultimately own.  


The program will cover the following topics and much more:

  • Why grades matter.

  • How to evaluate college options, including financial aid considerations.

  • How being a college student differs from being a high school student.

  • Naviance, the Common Application and the Coalition for College Accessare included too!

How to succeed in college and what they don't tell you in the guides!

You've sent the deposit, started packing, and are ready to go!  Have you picked out your courses?  Thought about how you will manage your time?  Our program can help!  We will discuss all those topics that no one addresses after you get the acceptances.

  • How do I manage all my free time?

  • How do I take effective notes from a large lecture class?

  • How do I study for a class that only meets two times a week?

  • The reading for this class is overwhelming.  How am I going to get through it?