Open Notebook

“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”
 –Abigail Adams

With the opportunity to teach comes responsibility. Students are our future and sacrificing quality would be contrary to our founding tradition of educational excellence. At the forefront of our impressive record of success is our philosophy that nothing less than the best is acceptable. We have experience working with students of all ages and learning styles. We take the time to know our students as individuals, identifying their unique challenges and celebrating their successes.  We take as much pride as you do in watching your child’s confidence and academic skills grow.


Academic Journeys offers private tutoring in the following areas:

  • Individual Subject Matter

  • Study Skills
    Studying is a skill that can be learned and must be practiced.  Our program examines your child’s study habits to identify needed changes and introduces proven techniques to improve note-taking, organization and 
    short –term/long- term memory to develop habits that lead to strong, consistent results.

  • SAIL – Strengthing Achievement with Individualized Learning
    Our proprietary process ensures we look at the whole student.  Past academic results, interests, test scores, and cognitive assessments are utilized.  Our experienced staff evaluates all of this information and more to create and individual, personal learning plan.

Skill Mastery Program

Academic Journeys offers a unique sprogram where students are able to focus on specific academic skill areas.  The program includes one hour of private tutoring in combination with daily online tasks to reinforce the skills learned during the one-on-one hour.  We combine the use of online tools with the insight of our master tutors to give our students a robust academic program without the time constraints of scheduled daily sessions!


We offer programs in the following subjects:

  • Language Arts (reading, reading comprehension and writing)

  • Mathematics